Infection Prevention and Control Course


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Infection Prevention and Control Course

Infection control and prevention is an essential element of patient safety. Infection can cause considerable pain, suffering and potentially death to patients. All those who come into contact with and are in the environment where vulnerable patients are, have a responsibility to modify their behaviour to ensure that transmission of infection is reduced to a minimum.

The environments discussed here relate to surgical intervention, where due to the incision/wound created, patients are especially vulnerable. These are operating rooms and to a lesser extent catheter laboratories and radiology departments.

This course also includes training on blood borne pathogens/viruses.

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  • Describe the chain of infection.
  • Describe barriers to transmission of infections.
  • Identify specific high risk environments.
  • Identify some of the organisms causing healthcare associated infections.
  • Describe some ways of protecting yourself.

Who can take the course?

Medical representatives

Course Duration

1 hour

Certificate Duration

2 years


Infection Prevention and Control Course