NHS environmental training courses

Courses on the NHS environment, from Structure and Finance to Commissioning and NHS Policy.

Commissioning Course

Commissioning Course 65

Learn about commissioning and uncover how your products and services fit into the health economy of the NHS locality in which you work.

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Finance in the NHS Course

Finance in the NHS Course 65

Learn the basics of NHS finance, from who makes the decisions through to how the money is spent.

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Introduction to the NHS Course

Introduction to the NHS Course 65

This course provides a basic overview of how the NHS works in the UK, focusing on England.

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NHS Long Term Plan Course

NHS Long Term Plan Course 65

How does the NHS Long Term Plan affect suppliers?

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NHS Policy and KPIs Course

NHS Policy and KPIs Course 65

As a field representative, it is important to know about NHS policy in order to give you a clear picture of how national policy affects your industry both in the short term and over the longer term.

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Pharmacovigilance Course

Pharmacovigilance Course 65

No medical product can be guaranteed as 100% safe. They can all cause side-effects, which are sometimes referred to as adverse drug reactions (ADRs) or adverse events (AEs). This course examines pharmacovigilance.

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Structure of the NHS Course

Structure of the NHS Course 65

This course will help develop your understanding of the types of care providers within the NHS that are using your products or services on a day-to-day basis and it will explain how these providers of care are regulated.

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NHS in Scotland Course

NHS in Scotland Course 65

This course on health services in Scotland is designed for field representatives. It gives an overview of the structure of the health service, relevant people and organisations and the financial and political context. It also provides an overview of the most relevant key policies and strategic direction.

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