The Life Science Industry National Credentialing Register

Register powered by MIA

One system – One ID card – Nationally recognised and approved 

The Academy for Healthcare Science and MIA are delighted to announce that we are working to bring you the Life Science Industry (LSI) National Credentialing Register powered by MIA.

The LSI National Credentialing Register is the culmination of extensive work between the major healthcare trade associations (ABHI; ABPI; AXREM; BAREMA; BDIA; BHTA; BIVDA; MEDILINK UK), NHS England and the Academy for Healthcare Science. Now, working with Medical Industry Ltd, this provides firstly, a not-for-profit registration system that has patient and public safety at its heart and secondly, a potential solution to the issue of multiple providers of credentialing systems which creates confusion and duplication and is costly to the healthcare industry and ultimately, as a consequence, the NHS.

What will this mean?

The combined annual fee per member is £30 + VAT for the card plus £20 (no VAT) for registration with the LSI National Credentialing Register.

If you have any pressing questions, please contact us:

Phone number: 01732 920 900
Email address:

For any specific queries relating to the Life Science Industry National Credentialing Register, please call the Academy for Healthcare Science team on 01455 244 640.