The Care Quality Commission has released its annual State of Care report with a particular focus on pre- and post-Covid care. 

While the 2019/20 report highlights that overall, the quality of care being received is of a good standard, the health and social care regulator highlighted that problems raised in previous years are still persistent across the sector. 

The CQC commented that digital innovations had been pushed through as a result of Covid-19, with GP “practices moving rapidly to remote consultations”. It added that this can have a negative impact on some, with work being needed to ensure that those without sufficient internet access are not left behind. 

Key points 

Quality of care before the pandemic 

Industry Insight

  • The 113-page report gives an overview of service ratings in England up until the end of March before inspections were stopped because of Covid-19.
  • It is always worth understanding how your local NHS organisations rank, so you can understand any challenges they may be facing.

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CQC website: State of Care 

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