The ABHI has unveiled the findings of its survey of HealthTech suppliers, designed to capture the impact the pandemic has had on their businesses.

It finds that some companies have done well as demand for certain products has increased exponentially, but this a relatively small number of around 20%.

Overall, 63% of companies reported a negative impact on their business, and as many as 200 companies could be at serious risk.

Two-thirds of companies have furloughed staff, which the ABHI say could represent over 50,000 jobs.

Just over 60% of companies saw an increase in their cost base, related to raw materials and components, freight, local logistics and administration.



Industry insight

The impact of Covid-19, whilst not surprising, is stark. With around two-thirds of companies reporting a negative impact on their business, the economic implications, and consequently, the ability for the sector to support the NHS to restart and restore services to pre-Covid levels, are significant. 

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ABHI website: The impact of the pandemic on healthtech

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