DH website: Ockenden review of maternity services at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust
This report outlines emerging findings and recommendations from an independent review of maternity services at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust, which assesses the quality of investigations relating to newborn, infant and maternal harm at the trust. It makes system-wide suggestions and recommendations for action to improve maternity care.

IHE website: Build back fairer: The Covid-19 Marmot review
This report from the Institute of Health Equity examines inequalities in Covid-19 mortality, focusing on ethnic minorities and certain occupations as well as paying continued attention to the socio-economic gradient in health. It shows the effects that the pandemic, and the societal response to contain the pandemic, have had on social and economic inequalities, their effects on mental and physical health, and their likely effects on health inequalities in the future.

NHS England website: EU exit – medicines supply continuity: letter from Dr Keith Ridge
This letter provides an update on the work carried out to ensure continuity of medicines supply for the end of the EU exit transition period. Government guidance states that NHS organisations should not stockpile locally or change prescribing behaviours.

NHS England website: NHS chief confirms 11 new integrated care systems serving 14m people
Eleven more parts of the country will be formally designated “integrated care systems” (ICS) from April 2021, serving a combined population of 14.5m people. In all, there are now 29 ICSs covering more than 35m people in England, more than 60% of the population. The NHS aims for ICSs to cover the whole of England by April 2021.

NHE website: Urgent action called for to drive down surgical site infection rates
A report has led to calls for urgent action to reduce the potentially devastating impact of surgical site infections (SSIs) in the UK. The report, launched by medical solutions company Mölnlycke with support and contributions from clinical experts, provides the fullest possible picture of SSI rates currently available. It details the impact they have on patients and the NHS, and profiles perspectives and best practice recommendations from clinicians working on the frontline of infection prevention.

ABHI document: UKCA Mark Handbook: UK regulation of health technologies beyond 1st January 2021 
With the announcement of the prospective UKCA Mark from 1 January 2021, the ABHI has recognised that its development has raised many questions for its members. This guide provides the most current view and will be regularly updated to reflect the new requirements.

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