NHS England has revealed the next steps, including proposed legislation, on the roll-out of integrated care systems (ICS) across England, and the reform of financial flows to support it.

The document signals a renewed ambition for how it can support greater collaboration between partners in health and care systems. It is based on the experience of the earliest ICSs and wide input from colleagues across the NHS, local government and wider partners.

The proposals are designed to serve four fundamental purposes:

In practice this means that from April 2021 all parts of the health and care system should be working together as integrated care systems, involving:

In addition to setting out expectations for how integrated care systems will work from April 2021, the document also describes options for giving ICSs a firmer footing in legislation likely to take effect from April 2022 (subject to Parliamentary decision). 

Industry insight

The moves should support the life science industry sector, where a significant and persistent barrier to the uptake of innovation has been mutually dependent organisations operating in silos. 

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NHS England website: Integrated care systems

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