BBC News website: Covid infections in England fall by 30% over lockdown – React study
Coronavirus infections in England fell by about a third over the November lockdown. Some of the worst-hit areas saw the biggest improvements, but despite this progress, cases remained relatively high across England.

House of Commons Public Accounts Committee website: Government “lost a crucial month” in “underprepared, slow” ventilators response
This report recognises the achievement and the hard work, collaboration and commitment of individuals across both the public sector and UK industry. However, it argues that the Government lost a month because it was “underprepared and reacted slowly” to the shortage of mechanical ventilators.

NHS Improvement website: National tariff payment system
The 2020/21 national tariff payment system resources are now available. However, the payment arrangements implemented as part of the response to Covid-19 remain in place for the rest of 2020/21.

BBC News website: Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine “dose error” explained
Explanation of how effective the UK’s Covid vaccination really is, centering around the trial reports of an overall efficacy of 70%, a lower one of 62% and a high of 90%.

Health Foundation website: Improving the nation's health: the future of the public health system in England
In light of the impact of the pandemic and the Government’s decision to abolish Public Health England, this briefing explores what needs to be put in place to make progress on central commitments to improve the nation’s health.

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