As we continue to “lockdown” or begin to open up (depending on which tier we find ourselves in), the encouraging news for all is the authorisation of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine

This year’s spending review is a one-year plan, rather than the usual three, and in no big surprise, Rishi Sunak had to find extra money to help the NHS jump the hurdles of coronavirus. 

We know anecdotally of many colleagues who had to be furloughed this year, but a major industry survey reveals that two-thirds of medtech companies had to take that step, which could represent over 50,000 jobs. 

And finally, the roll-out of integrated care systems across England – the Holy Grail of healthcare – is one step closer. NHS England has unveiled its plans which could bring to an end the large number of independent organisations operating in silos. 

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