June 2019

LSI National Credentialing Register

Exciting developments coming shortly

The Academy for Healthcare Science and MIA are delighted to announce that we are working to bring you the Life Science Industry (LSI) National Credentialing Register powered by MIA, from 30th July.

The LSI National Credentialing Register is the culmination of extensive work between the major healthcare trade associations (ABHI; ABPI; AXREM; BAREMA; BDIA; BHTA; BIVDA; MEDILINK UK), NHS England and the Academy for Healthcare Science. Now, working with Medical Industry Ltd, this provides firstly, a not-for-profit registration system that has patient and public safety at its heart and secondly, a potential solution to the issue of multiple providers of credentialing systems which creates confusion and duplication and is costly to the healthcare industry and ultimately, as a consequence, the NHS.

What will this mean?

The joint cost is £60, made up of £30 + VAT for the MIA appointment element and a £30 registration fee (not vatable) for the LSI National Credentialing Register.

Account managers will be in contact soon with existing clients, but if you have any pressing questions, please contact us:

Phone number: 01732 920 900
Email address: miahelp@medicalindustry.co.uk

For any specific queries relating to the Life Science Industry National Credentialing Register, please call the Academy for Healthcare Science team on 01455 244 640.

> Download the PDF for more detailed information

May 2019

Welcome to Robin Benson, hospital account manager

Robin has joined Medical Industry Ltd in May 2019 to assist Laura Cull and look after the healthcare accounts in the north of the UK where he is based, living near the beautiful city of York.

He has over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, working in the theatre and endoscopy environments for a number of global companies, most recently Coloplast and Pentax Medical.

He looks forward to helping healthcare providers maximise the benefits of the MIA system. Find out more about Robin and the rest of the Medical Industry Ltd team.

April 2019

New e-learning courses on Medical Industry Ltd
We have around 20 online training courses available to support the MIA service and other credentialing systems. Latest courses include:

Pharmacovigilance course
No medical product can be guaranteed as 100% safe. They can all cause side-effects, which are sometimes referred to as adverse drug reactions (ADRs) or adverse events (AEs).

NHS in Scotland course
This course gives an overview of the structure of the health service, relevant people and organisations and the financial and political context. It also provides an overview of the most relevant key policies and strategic direction.

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